Don’t Go Broke Playing Bingo

Don't Go Broke Playing Bingo

If you want to get ahead in the game of bingo then why not follow our five easy strategies that could have you on your way to winning the jackpot in no time.

Play More Than One Card

If you want to improve your odds while playing bingo then you need to play more than one card per game. Yes, it’s more expensive but it significantly increases your chances of winning and you can choose the number of cards you play depending on a couple of things.

Look at the number of people playing the same game, the cost of each card and the size of the jackpot involved. Experts suggest that four cards is the optimal amount to play. When the amount is right, you should increase your cards in order to improve your chances of winning.

Play Games with Less Players

Clearly there is a link between the number of players in a game and your chances of winning. The less people that are playing the better your odds. However, given that most halls keep their games rather tight, you may have to be content with plenty of little tickets rather than one big jackpot.

Try Joining a Lottery Syndicate

You may be wondering what the point of joining a syndicate is when there are plenty of better options available to you. The fact is that joining a bingo syndicate, if you have the right links, will help you to improve the odds of winning money for free.

In fact you would be surprised by how many online bingo sites actually offer such an option! enthusiastically join a syndicate and you will receive an extra 25% bonus on your first deposit! With a little bit of arithmetic you can actually guarantee that you will have the chance of winning some extra money each time you play online bingo.

Free Bingo Money When You Sign Up

Finally, if you venture on to some of the biggest UK bingo sites you will find that they are all offering free money when you sign up with them. The key is that you will need to prove that you are living in the UK in order to get the free bonus money. Being able to prove that you live in the UK is actually pretty simple, you just need to think about which part of the UK you live in and you will be able to know if you qualify.

Sites like 888 Ladies, Bingo123 and Mecca Bingo are all very popular bingo sites in the UK and favourite sites for UK bingo players. Please see below for a list of bingo sites that are UK only and provide you with information as to whether you qualify to claim free money when you sign up.