A couples interest in Gambling and Casinos

A couples interest in Gambling and Casinos

Frank and Nancy nosler have always been interested in picking up some winnings on their recent vacation in Las Vegas. They were both avid gamblers, but at different times in their lives. For example, Nancy was a housewife who loved the casinos, and Frank was a risk taker who loved going to new places and exploring the city.

When they were still in their 20’s, the couple moved to Las Vegas from upstate New York. Their first year of vacation in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas did not go as planned. They were bored and thought gambling would be the answer to their problems.

At this time, they targeted the more traditional casinos, but as the year progressed, the couple started meeting with a lot of different people who enjoyed gambling. It was there that they met the “Tonight Show” host, Johnny Carson.

Initially the pair were hesitant to discuss their winnings from the previous year, but agreed to sit in some of the weekly No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker games at the Imperial Palace. It was there that they met the poker legend “Amarillo Slim”.

retaliate Texas Hold’em found its way into their repertoire of games, and the welcome change in their lives was that they might have a bit of extra money on hand to take home or spend.

earlier this year, Mark Seif bought into a $100,000 guaranteed pot on a game show. He and his guests spent the entire day in a Amazon Room, playing Texas Hold’em poker.

Basically, what these people are saying is that casinos are just a shotshell for people who like to spend there money on sightseeing, attractions, and things they may otherwise not do because of the cost.

Then too, you have people who love to gamble who get into huge amounts of debt, and if it keeps recurring, then they fall into bankruptcy. Then there are people who have physical gambling addictions, and these addictions are among the easier to treat, such as gambling facilitated by blind spots.

But then again, most people who spend money at a casino do so without really examining what it is that they are gaining from such an activity. Most likely, they are not physically addicted to gambling, but a desire to win a mind boggling sum of money keeps them coming back time after time.

The key to survival then, is to understand what you are facing when you go to a casino, and completely remove the things that will Solitaire or Botox your brain and have you lose your money faster than you can blink your eyes.

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