How to Make Money With Online Poker – Free Tips

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Playing poker whether it be online or at a casino table is a game of skill and for many of us, a game of choice. However being someone who has played for years, I can certainly agree that it definitely requires a lot of skill to be a successful player. In this article, I will not be discussing the various strategies you can use or the various places you can play at, instead I will be discussing why there are some sites and games that offer great opportunities to players who use their skills.

There are many different online poker sites available to play at and in fact, there are a great number of sites that offer the opportunity to play poker for free! Many of the sites are designed to offer a fun party atmosphere for their members and the idea is that the members will play for fun against opponents from around the world and hopefully win some action and some nice cold hard cash.

The Great Gambling Lesson:

My advice for anyone wanting to start playing poker online is to take a look at the casino programs that most of the top poker sites use to display the poker software. You will find that most of the platforms that these poker sites use have the option to play for free or require a certain amount of credit card. Most of the time, the sites will allow you to choose between the free version or the real player mode.

Once you have chosen which you prefer, you will then need to register an account with the online casino and gain the necessary credits to make a deposit. This is where the term gambling comes into play, because for as long as you have money in your account you can play so you can maximize your playing experience.

Choosing a top rated poker room to play for free is where you will spend a little bit of your own money, but maximize the online casino playing experience by getting the very best for your money.

I have used these four factors to choose a poker room for free play:

Free Play

The chosen poker room has a free play option that they offer new players when they sign up. This is a fantastic offer because using this free play offer you can test the poker room and the software before you start investing any real money into it.

Good Software

All of the top rated poker rooms use one of the best software platforms; and are both powered by which has been used by many of the best online players over the years.

Quick Payouts

These days almost all of the poker rooms offer very good bonuses and special promotions. A bonus is something extra money that you get for free when you make a deposit at the poker room and the bonus will continue to earn for you as you continue to add money into your account.


When you are playing online poker, you want to be sure that you are getting paid for your hands. Most good online poker rooms offer a pay out that is proportionate to the amount that you bet preflop, on the flop, and on the turn. Some of the best poker rooms also offer blind boosts to their players, meaning that you may get the opportunity to get a piece of the cake even when you’re starting a game.

Special Promotions

It is a very good idea to start entering poker rooms monthly promotions, like get a free drink invitation or the chance to win a free swag bag, the better poker rooms are the better it is for you.

Good Odds

Not only that, but you want to ensure that the odds are in your favor. One of the best ways to do this is to play at the available tables with the least fish players. The odds are better that you will beat the other players at the table.

The Truth

There is much to think about but do not worry, you will get used to playing online poker very fast. And as with any other activity, practice makes perfect!