Winning Sports Betting

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Many people win and most people lose. But that’s just the point. Losing is a part of the game. How else do you think cities dog people to death with dog piles on the side of the road? If you guessed betting, then you are correct. Betting is the reason that people can run from the city.

So what is the point of betting then? The point is, to make money. Money is the end all by itself. The only challenge is to make the money in a way that not everyone thinks is a scam. Most betting systems are built on a false premise. The basis of the system is that you can win big money if you bet and lose big money if you bet the same thing with different numbers. These systems are built on pure untruths and as a result never deliver what is promised. The same holds true for the various sports betting systems that you will see for sale. They may deliver what is advertised or they may not. Some of them are garbage and some are the real deal.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a loser to make money. If you are following a winning sports betting system, you can actually make money! You don’t have to win most of the bets to make money. In fact, you don’t even have to win most of the bets. Just win enough of the bets and you will be ahead of the game.

The key to winning sports bets is the ability to correctly make bets, referred to as a risk-reward scenario. How you weigh your odds of winning the bet, determine your maximum risk, and reward your risk in proportion to your reward will determine your betting success. There are no guaranteed bets. If you win some of the bets, this will be great, but you can’t predict this outcome with 100% confidence and you shouldn’t bet this way. Many bettors play the the opposite and bet too much on too few of the teams, or on all the games that they know nothing about. Their lack of knowledge will kill their sports betting. Always bet objectively and do not allow your bias for a certain team or player to influence your betting decision. 0002 bias is a no win strategy!

The other mistake made by losing bettors is not having a system to bet with. If you think you can bet objectively on your favorite team, but you cannot bet without your system providing you the best picks, you are only going to lose. If you lose with your system, you will have no chance of winning any picks. Systems give you a structure and a systematic way of betting. It will help you win Picks, ATS, and PROFIT! You can beat the odds and win upfront! Basketball handicapping successfully as a pro, but you have to take the time to do it the right way. Unlike other sports, the odds of picking a winning NBA pick, even though they are calculated in a numerical format, are not solely based on probabilities. To beat the odds, you also have to play the odds. This means you have to have a good system and you have to play the odds, not blindly.

Against the spread, you should bet the favorite instead of the underdog if you like the player or team more. This bet pushes the proverbial house edge into the player’s favor. The opposite also applies, meaning you should bet the underdog if you expect to win the game, not the favorite. Another way is to bet the total points scored. When you bet under, you bet on the total points in the game, including points scored whether the win or loss is to a huge points spread. When you bet over, you bet on the total points scored including points spread. Most of the best systems push the total points scored into the favors of the underdog. When betting under, the rule of thumb is to bet the group average. When betting over, bet strictly on the over.

Betting the facilitator, rather than the spread. In a game like Blackjack, it is a mathematical impossibility to overcome a house edge that has been set in stone. When you place your bet according to the spread, you remove the mathematical advantage from the house. In sports betting, it is a lot more difficult to determine who will win or lose, Therefore it is more practical to bet against the favored squad. In the NFL, you should not bet according to who you expect to win. Bet according to who you think will win, either. Bet smartly. There is more emotional attachment attached to betting on football, unlike basketball.